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I'd like to thank

the University of Texas at Dallas where I've audited many classes in the past few years. It's phonetics, linguistics, and grammar courses enabled me to launch the Taishanese project, and physics, a subject I've always wanted to explore but somehow didn't .

Alma Maters

MS Applied Mathematics, Southern Methodist University, Dallas Texas

MS Biomedical Engineering, UT Arlington/UT Southwestern Medical Center, Arlington/Dallas Texas

BS Electrical Engineering (summa cum laude), UT Arlington, Arlington Texas

Okinawa Christian School International 沖縄クリスチャンスクールインターナショナル (salutatorian), Okinawa Japan

Guangzhou High School No. 51 广州市第五十一中学, Guangzhou (Canton) China

I (used to) work for

Texas Instruments, Dallas Texas

volunteering now & then

Plano Asiafest       Plano International Festival       PISD Diversity Advisory Committee

Collin Appraisal Review Board       N. Texas Cantonese Association