Published Papers

  1. System-on-a-chip for Portable Audio Player
  2. An AC-3/MPEG Multi-standard Audio Decoder IC
  3. A High Performance MPEG-Audio Decoder IC
  4. A Low-cost MPEG-Audio Decoder IC by Texas Instruments, IEEE CICC, May 1993
  5. AS8832 - An Innovative 32-bit ALU, TI Technical Journal, Nov/Dec, 1987

Technical Reports & White Papers

  1. System Software and Power Management in a SOC for Portable Audio Players
  2. Audio Bitstream Coprocessor Architecture Illustration Using MP3 Decoder
  3. Bitstream Buffer in Audio Coprocessor
  4. Programming of Audio Coprocessor for MP3 Decoder
  5. Adventure of a TLP and its aftermath …, TI Technical Report, Nov., 2002
  6. Breakpoint Implementation for Microcontroller-Based VLSI, TI Technical Report, Aug., 2001
  7. Ideas for On-chip ROM Code Patching, TI Technical Report, Jan., 2001
  8. Robust Sync Search Algorithms for MPEG Audio, TI Technical Report, Jan., 1998
  9. VLSI Architecture for HDTV Down-sampling Decoding Utilizing Existing MPEG-2 MPML Decoders, TI Technical Report, Oct., 1997/Tech-talk, 1998
  10. Downsampling HDTV Signals in DCT Domain: Part II, TI Technical Report, June, 1997
  11. Downsampling HDTV Signals in DCT Domain: Part I, TI Technical Report, June, 1997